Daniel Patrick Cohen Music


Reciprocity is a 28’ chamber work for voice, taped narration, eight celli, piano, and percussion. This exciting piece was developed by the composer Daniel Patrick Cohen from six poems by Darya Farha, a Canadian poet, therapist, filmmaker and clothing designer who died of breast cancer in 2011; she was 46.

Aurelian Bacan (Clarinet), Vlad Raceu (Violin), Eva Butean (Piano)

Two Puppies” 降雪狗児図 by Rosetsu Nagasawa (1754-1799) jumped off the canvas and cried out for music.

In loving memory of Ruth Farquharson. 

Principal thanks go to Aurelian, Vlad and Eva for performing so brilliantly in the downright rubbish circumstances we find ourselves in.

Much love to crowdfunder extraordinaires Ruth Farquharson, Ian Farquharson, Christopher Austin, Frances Plummer, Maggie Owen, Kathy Farquharson, Jane Ryan, John R. Gordon, Alan Davison, Frankie Cohen and Marc Yeats. 

Additional thanks to Philip Cashian, Corina Ceclan, Shieri Ura, Paul Shimizu, Sam Joseph, Aya Joseph, Marc Yeats (again), Titus Marza, Mim Gardner and Aaron Roberts for extra support with the project. 

Lead image credit: Alexandra Fagarasan
Fortuitously, barking puppies made it into the recording, can you find them?